pile driver

With both our Certificate of Recognition and CWB Certification awarded in 2009, NORTHSTAR provides Foundation Solutions including design, supply and installation services across Western Canada with track and truck mounted piling units. With the varying geotechnical conditions that can be encountered, Northstar has the ability to easily adapt to a variety of foundation requirements including driven piles, helical piles rock anchoring and direct embedment. Being able to provide comprehensive options beginning with the design and fabrication (as necessary), through to construction ensures projects are done on time and on budget, all while maintaining NORTHSTAR'S commitment to safety and quality.

NORTHSTAR is able to offer piling installation with our unique Patent Pending Exca-Driver (Excavator Mounted Pile Driver Attachment). With these units er are capable of navigating difficult terrain and installing piles, installing helical piles or working as an excavator can all be done in less than 30 minutes.

Due to the need for piling for the setting of many pumpjacks, NORTHSTAR has a dedicated division overseeing the installation and maintenance of pumpjacks as well. Owning and operating NORTHSTAR Transport also allows us to oversee our own transportation needs in addition to further servicing our clients.

Services Offered Include:

• Soil Investigation
• Foundation Design
• Helical Pile Fabrication
• Structural Steel Fabrication (cutting & capping of piles)
• Foundation Options: Driven Piles, Helical Piles, Rock Anchoring, Direct Embedment, Pre-drilling as Necessary, Pile Extraction